Breas iSleep 22 Bi-Level

Breas iSleep 22 Bi-Level

Help patients enjoy everyday life with iSleep 22, a sophisticated, high-performance Bi-Level device designed for OSA therapy at home. The upright, stable design takes a minimum space on the nightstand and fits perfectly in any bedroom.


eSync, synchronized breath delivery

Small footprint even with the integrated humidifier attached

Adjustable settings for inspiratory trigger and automatic leakage-compensated expiratory trigger

Automatic back-up rate of 6 breaths per minute

Enhanced user interface, easy to use with large buttons

Large, backlit graphical display with built-in alarm clock

Designed for travel; world wide mains power compatibility and DC power options

Designed to accommodate a wide range of masks

'Snooze' function

Detailed patient log

Memory card capability

Integrated leakage calculation

Designed for home

Ventilation Modes CPAP, Bi-Level
Device Modes Clinical, Home
IPAP 4 to 20 cmH20
EPAP 4 to 20 cmH2O
Inspiratory Trigger (eSync) 1 to 9
Expiratory Trigger Automatic
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