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Sanrai is one of the top providers of oxygen and sleep therapy devices and services globally.
With excellent innovations and FDA-cleared medical equipment, not just doctors but patients and caregivers too can rely on Sanrai for high-quality medical devices. The organization delivers oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and more for complete care and comfort at home in India. Sanrai Med India offers a varied range of respiratory care devices with personalized rental, purchase, and service programs for a convenient treatment plan for patients fighting COVID-19, COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis, and many other lung conditions. With easy-to-use devices, they help patients lead an active, healthy, and productive lifestyle. During the two waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sanrai Med India provided oxygen concentrators to several charities, hospitals, and institutions, along with thousands of patients. Rural Health, Kolkata, one such organization, has this to say about the Sanrai team.

“Medical oxygen is a vital medication to treat moderate to extreme cases of COVID-19. At the peak of the second wave, we experienced a deficiency of medical oxygen. Responding to the COVID-19 surge and realizing that oxygen distribution is quite a struggle, Sanrai Med India acted as the key connection providing us oxygen concentrators on priority. Sanrai was agile in distributing the oxygen concentrators during these difficult times. There was always an immediate response to fulfill oxygen demands at any hour of the day. Serving patients with the same passion, Rural Health, an NGO from Kolkata, procured oxygen concentrators from Sanrai. Sanrai had been on their toes catering to the needs, problems, and queries of the customers. They worked to offer the utmost care for the patients, not just delivering devices. Other than COVID-19 patients, Sanrai distributes concentrators to the COPD patients and others with diminished lung function as well. Looking at the ongoing crisis, we cannot predict the intensity of the third wave. We can only work on taking precautions to be prepared for whatever happens next. Procuring a good number of oxygen concentrators from Sanrai has enabled us to be ready for the next challenge. As we wish for a less difficult year ahead, we are still prepared for the next wave with the help of Sanrai.”

Medical oxygen is essential in the treatment of COVID-19 and the pandemic caused an acute shortage of oxygen in several regions

During this time Sanrai made all practical efforts to deliver the best solutions to NGOs, hospitals, patients, and other organisations. Mukti Foundation was one such NGO that Sanrai catered to.
“Brands like Sanrai were of great help during the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In times of utmost crises, Sanrai provided their life-saving oxygen concentrators to our organization at a very reasonable rate. Their Oxypure model of oxygen concentrators has performed tremendously well through days and nights, saving lots of lives and helping us fight the Pandemic. We are extremely thankful to Sanrai for helping the people of West Bengal and by sticking to their words and commitment throughout the process. We saved precious lives through your support. Sanrai proved to be a boon for our NGO. We must admit that the service experience is also hassle-free, and the executives are very friendly making the experience very smooth for us.” said a representative from Mukti Foundation.

Sanrai pledges to work with the same zeal in providing health care solutions to all in need.
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