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Our Story

Sanrai Med India is a pioneer in providing high quality sleep and oxygen therapy to patients directly in their homes.

Our team is focused on making innovative healthcare accessible to all. Sanrai provides medical equipment on rent, for sale, and every product is always supported by our best in class after sales service and support for each patient.

The journey of providing care without barriers began in 2008 in the North Indian city of Chandigarh, a city known as “The City Beautiful”. A family raised by the tradition of military service discovered the potential Sanrai had for improving the lives of Indian medical patients. It all started when Sanrai’s founder and CEO, Jaspreet Rai, had a specific need – to quickly find a way to save her grandmother who desperately needed oxygen therapy. In the face of the crisis, she discovered that the Indian market was lagging behind in health care equipment supply.

With the motive to bring change, Sanrai emerged as a service platform that would benefit all Indians. The vision is to deliver care, bring innovation to our patients, raise awareness and make healthcare accessible like never before. Today, Sanrai Med India has expanded its footprint to 15+ cities in India, with its headquarter in Chandigarh.

  • Sanrai is driven to deliver care without any barriers
  • Adapting our services for your needs
  • Integrity in working with various channels
  • Providing you with choice in medical
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