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Sanrai is the number one provider of oxygen and sleep therapy devices in India. With a promise to provide care without any barriers, Sanrai gives you access to premium diagnostic and treatment tools in the comfort of your home. For us, empathy and caregiving stand first in the line of priorities. Our team of experts offers a variety of personalized rental, purchase, and service plans so that patients get the treatment support and health solutions that suit them best.

Why Sanrai?

deliver care
Sanrai is driven to deliver care without any barriers

We provide care, by making innovative medical devices in oxygen and sleep therapy accessible for all. Sanrai works tirelessly to democratize access to world-class healthcare equipment, especially in emerging markets.

Adapting our services for your needs

Our commitment to always providing the latest medical innovations and health care support makes us a great choice. With our unique packages in the rental or purchase of medical equipment, we are making sure that your disease management is a hassle-free process for you.

working with various channels
Integrity in working with various channels

With our deep presence across India, we fully fully understand the challenges in Indian healthcare. We partner with hospitals, clinics, distributors, government institutions and charitable organizations to help you lead a healthier and more comfortable life.

Providing you with choice in medical

Sanrai works with manufacturers from more than 10 countries across the world giving you options from the most economical to the highest end medical device to fit your needs.

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