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ResMed Floton ST 25

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ResMed Floton ST 25

Product Category: BIPAP

The ResMed Floton ST 25 is a cutting-edge BiPAP ventilator designed for non-invasive respiratory support. It offers a comfortable, compact, and quiet solution with versatile ventilation modes, ensuring you receive personalized care. Its innovative Adaptive Activation Technology (ATT) monitors every breath, reducing Work of Breathing (WOB). This CE and FDA-approved device provides effective treatment while allowing you to breathe freely and rest peacefully. Elevate your respiratory care with the Floton ST 25.

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Category: Respiratory

Looking for a non-invasive ventilator that's both compact and comfortable, offering a continuous sync function? You've found it in the ResMed Floton ST 25. This remarkable BiPAP ST device combines the best of both worlds, featuring both spontaneous and timed backup breath rates to cater to your unique respiratory needs.

With its cutting-edge Adaptive Activation Technology (ATT), the Floton ST 25 closely monitors every phase of your respiratory cycle, ensuring you receive top-notch care. ATT meticulously tracks each breath and assesses different stages of respiration, employing an advanced leak calculation algorithm to significantly reduce the Work of Breathing (WOB). This results in effective and comfortable treatment that prioritizes your well-being.

Key Features:

  1. BiLevel Ventilation: Enjoy the flexibility of BiLevel ventilation with Spontaneous (S) mode, providing support up to 20 cmH2O, so you can breathe freely with confidence.

  1. Intelligent Breath Management: The Floton BiLevel recognizes that every breath is unique, ensuring that your therapy is tailored to your individual requirements.

  1. Versatile Ventilation Modes: With five different ventilation modes to choose from – S, T, ST, APCV, and CPAP – you have the freedom to select the mode that suits you best. You can adjust the inspiration pressure, ranging from 4cm H2O to 33cm H2O, for personalized comfort.

  1. Trusted and Certified: The ResMed Floton ST 25 is both CE and FDA approved, offering peace of mind that you're using a reliable and safe ResMed BiPAP machine.

  1. Compact, Lightweight, and Whisper-Quiet: This state-of-the-art machine is designed to be compact, lightweight, and operate with minimal noise, allowing you to rest and recuperate without disturbance.

Elevate your respiratory care with the ResMed Floton ST 25, your partner in comfortable and effective treatment. Discover the difference in breathing.