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Stellar 100 by Resmed

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Stellar 100 by Resmed

Product Category: Ventilator

Elevate your respiratory care with the Stellar 100 by ResMed. This versatile non-invasive ventilator, also equipped for invasive procedures, ensures optimal therapy for both adult and pediatric patients. Tailor your experience with customizable programs, enjoy intelligent ventilation, and stay connected with its portable power feature. Discover a new standard in respiratory support with the Stellar 100 – your comprehensive solution for a breath of fresh air.

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Category: Respiratory

Elevate your respiratory care with the Stellar 100, a cutting-edge non-invasive ventilator with the added capability for invasive procedures.  This exceptional non-invasive ventilator, boasting invasive capabilities, stands as the epitome of versatility, addressing the ever-changing needs of both adult and pediatric patients. Whether navigating hospitalization or managing chronic conditions such as COPD, NMD, or OHS from the comfort of home, the resmed ventilator redefines respiratory support with its array of advanced features.

Versatility Redefined:

The Stellar 100 is not just a ventilator; it's a comprehensive respiratory solution. With an extensive range of therapy modes, this device is engineered to cater to the diverse requirements of patients across the spectrum. From those in need of non-invasive ventilation during hospital stays to individuals managing chronic respiratory conditions, the Stellar 100 adapts seamlessly to provide optimal care.

Intelligent Ventilation at Your Fingertips:

Experience a new level of control with the Intelligent Ventilation System. Tailored programs for day and night, as well as rest and active periods, ensure that respiratory support is finely tuned to your individual needs. This intelligent system enhances the overall effectiveness of therapy, providing a personalized touch to your respiratory care journey.

Powerful and Portable:

No compromises when it comes to power. The resmed bipap machine is equipped with an internal battery offering up to 2 hours of continuous support. This ensures uninterrupted care, even in situations where a power source may be limited. Whether at home or on the go, the Stellar 100 keeps you connected to reliable respiratory support.

Customizable Oxygen Integration:

Take control of your therapy with optional oxygen integration, supporting flow rates of up to 30 L/minute. This feature allows for a more tailored approach to treatment, accommodating individual respiratory needs and enhancing overall therapy effectiveness.

Tailored Programs for Personalized Care:

Your respiratory care, your way. The Stellar 100 comes with two customizable pre-set programs, providing the flexibility you need. Personalize your therapy to suit your lifestyle and experience the ease of use that comes with tailored programs.

Invest in your respiratory well-being with the resmed sleep apnea machine – a beacon of innovation in the realm of ventilatory support. Elevate your respiratory care experience and embrace a breath of fresh air with the unparalleled capabilities of the Stellar 100.