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Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S

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Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S

Product Category: BIPAP

Elevate your respiratory care with the Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S. This noninvasive ventilator is expertly designed for spontaneous breathers facing respiratory challenges. With IntelligentAir technology, personalized settings, and user-friendly features like QuickNav, experience optimal comfort and synchrony. Take control of your therapy with precision and ease, making the Lumis 100 VPAP S your ultimate solution for noninvasive ventilation.

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Category: Respiratory

Unlock the power of noninvasive ventilation with the Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S, a cutting-edge device meticulously crafted for spontaneously breathing, non-dependent individuals facing respiratory insufficiency. Experience a seamless setup and user-friendly operation, supported by ResMed's advanced ResScan patient management software.

Key Features:

  • IntelligentAir Technology:

Dive into the realm of personalized therapy with IntelligentAir, ResMed's innovative suite of technologies that cater to individual breathing needs.

  • Vsync for Synchrony:

Achieve unparalleled patient-ventilator synchrony, even in the presence of significant leaks. Vsync ensures a harmonious breathing experience.

  • TiControl for Precision:

Take control with TiControl, allowing you to set minimum and maximum limits on the patient's ideal inspiratory time, promoting spontaneous breath and personalized comfort.

  • Trigger and Cycle Sensitivity:

Optimize settings based on the patient's condition using five sensitivity levels for trigger and cycle, ensuring adaptive and responsive therapy.

  • QuickNav for Effortless Adjustments:

Enjoy low-touch therapy adjustment with QuickNav, streamlining the customization of settings for a hassle-free experience.

  • Climate Control Auto:

Experience automatic humidification with Climate Control Auto, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the ventilation therapy.

  • Ramp and Ramp Down for Extra Comfort:

Ease into therapy with Ramp and Ramp Down features, providing gradual adjustments for enhanced comfort during the treatment journey.

The Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S redefines noninvasive ventilation, offering a personalized and intelligent solution for respiratory support. Elevate your respiratory care experience with the advanced features of this state-of-the-art device.