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Product Category: Breathing Therapy

Experience personalized respiratory care with VibraPEP, an innovative oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) therapy device. Tailored to individual clinical needs, VibraPEP utilizes variable pressure settings, dynamic and combined PEP, asynchronous waveforms, and oscillations starting at > 10 cmH20 to effectively address various lung pathologies.

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Category: Respiratory

Discover the VibraPEP, a cutting-edge, single-patient device designed to revolutionize respiratory therapy. Engineered to provide oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) therapy, VibraPEP offers a range of features to enhance the treatment of lung pathologies and promote optimal breathing.

Key Features

Personalized Treatment Settings: VibraPEP empowers patients with five distinct treatment settings, allowing them to tailor their therapy to meet their unique clinical requirements. This customization ensures maximum efficacy and comfort during each session.

Dynamic and Combined PEP: Address a variety of lung pathologies with VibraPEP's dual approach. The device combines both Dynamic and Combined Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) to enlarge airways, stabilize ventilation, and promote collateral ventilation for comprehensive respiratory support.

Asynchronous Waveforms: VibraPEP introduces asynchronous waveforms, enhancing its capability to address respiratory challenges. This innovative feature contributes to a more adaptive and responsive therapy experience, catering to the dynamic nature of pulmonary conditions.

Oscillations Commencing at > 10 cmH20: Benefit from powerful oscillations that start at pressures greater than 10 cmH20. This ensures a robust and effective therapy session, facilitating the detachment and removal of pulmonary secretions for improved respiratory well-being.

Elevate your respiratory care with VibraPEP – where advanced technology meets personalized therapy, helping you breathe easier and live better.