Sanrai Med Brings the World's Latest Medical Innovation To Bengaluru Health Festival

Bengaluru, 04-05-2017- Sanrai Med proved to be the most forward looking participant at the four-day Bengaluru Health Festival. Aimed at transmitting awareness about healthcare advancements, the event brought together healthcare professionals, doctors and the residents of Bengaluru. Healthcare experts put the spotlight on various diseases that the city is highly prone to because of its growing IT population and polluted air. Sanrai's showcase included medical devices which offer the capability to offer the most advanced treatment to several such diseases at affordable costs. A portable Oxygen Concentrator which is so light that it can be carried to work every day, an ear cleaning machine which eliminates the traditional, unsafe methods of removing wax, Sanrai Med's team offered a glimpse of the best from around the world.

Another device which caught the attention of medical experts and keen visitors is Kuduwave, a first of its kind diagnostic audiometer. Brought to India exclusively by the 10 year old company, Kuduwave makes accurate ear testing without a sound booth a reality. Sanrai also demonstrated the most significant developments in the technology used by sleep therapy and oxygen therapy machines. Breas Medical, a company founded in 1991 was the first to produce reliable ventilation products suitable for catering to even the most complicated patient requirements. With Sanrai, they wish to extend their excellence to the Indian healthcare ecosystem like never before. Commenting on the event, Mr. Richard Fischbaeck, General Manager Distributor Regions EMEA, Breas Medical said that they couldn’t ask for a better partner than Sanrai for broadening their reach in India. Mr. Carl Van Loey Global Marketing and Clinical Applications Manager for Breas also expressed his enthusiasm about this alliance. He said that Indian patients and healthcare professionals will benefit immensely through the simplicity, effectiveness and clinical excellence of all the Breas products.

Sanrai Med India, currently operating from 14 locations in India, has helped over 50,000 patients get treatment for serious disorders right at their home. With continued focus on homecare since their establishment in 2007, Sanrai has been successful in eliminating quite a few challenges associated with hospital treatment. Their products have ensured dramatically reduced costs, better outcomes and not to mention, the comfort of getting healed at home for several patients all around the country. .

Sharing her thoughts on this project, the CEO of Sanrai group, Jaspreet Rai said, “What’s different about Sanrai is that we not only offer products but we go way beyond that. Our experts give detailed demonstrations and training to our patients to help them get familiar with their therapy and product functionalities. She also added that Sanrai’s strength has always been a strong customer service & support and with Sanrai Shop, the intention will remain absolutely the same.

The future of healthcare depends heavily on how effectively the Indian patients and doctors take advantage of the latest inventions in hospital treatment and more importantly, homecare options. Sanrai Med will have an important role to play in the scheme of things.

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